Friday, June 26, 2009

Choices: The Bicycle Dilema

So I am still having a terrible time deciding what to do about buying a bike. The Hubby thinks that I am too obsessed and that I should take some time to think about what I want. He also suggested that I had ought to spend more money than I would probably think acceptable if I can get the right bike for me. That would open up more options like the A.N.T. bikes and Velorbis and Retrovelo and Azor. Which actually makes my choice more difficult not easier.

I have no idea what I need. I don't ride my townie much because it is not hill friendly and my street is steep and I am afraid that I will never be able to get home again. I don't know if I need 7 gears or if I could do with just 5. The Hubby says it depends more on the set up than the number. I feel like I need a coaster brake because that is what I have always had, but I could always adjust to not having one. I do need it not not have leather on it if at all possible. I love the vegan velorbis over on Drunk And In Charge Of A Bicycle.

I know things that I would love it to be. I would love it to be just like the Gazelle Toer Populaire but more gears, less leather, and a pretty red. I am also not sure about the rod brake situation. Seriously I know I've said this already, but riding the Toer Populaire was amazing!

I like the affordability and adorable design of Batavus I was able to test some though not the two that I am thinking of getting. The Fryslân has 5 gears and balloon tires and a coaster brake. The Breuekelen has 7 and is aluminum which may help on hills.

I love the Gazelle's flight like ride I love that I was able to test ride it. I love the way it looked!

I like that it seems that there are many configurations of what can be had on a Velorbis the Dannebrog would be my lady she is a fabulous shade of red.

The Pashley is pretty and reasonably priced and has 5 gears and a coaster brake and I can get it ordered locally.

The A.N.T Boston Roadster could be made to fit me and is made in the country and I can get any color I want.

Then there is also Azor, and Retrovelo which I don't know all that much about since they aren't really distributed in my area I haven't really looked at them.

I have no idea what to do. I guess it's just me and the Biomega for a while.


  1. This might not be the advice that helps you best, but for me, it was pretty helpful:
    Buy some junkers.
    Not the german second world-war aeroplane, but used, old bikes.
    Find out what kind of bike fits you, your riding-style and your town best, and then find out which of the described bikes best resemble your favourite junker.

    Afterwards, you can donate the bikes to some deserving college-students or bike-curious coworkers or what-have-you.

    Best of luck

  2. The Hubby has actually made that a fun project for him. He just bought a bike for me to try last night off of craigslist.


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