Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Hubby Bought A New Bike

Well my hubby picked up a silver Biomega Amsterdam this morning for me. He bought one the other day for himself off of craigslist. The guy selling it decided to sell his wife's bike as well. I am not sure just how much I like it. It rides nicely, but it is so modern looking. I was dreaming of a dutch bike and this is close, but I am officially obsessed with the "slow bike" movement. I am a lame cyclist who hasn't gotten the hang of steering with my daughter in the bobike mini but I love to look at bikes. Since there didn't seem to be a LA Cycle Chic Blog yet I figure I can use my foray into this world as a way to show people what I am seeing.

I love how pretty my Townie is but she isn't really meant for riding a lot. The flat foot technology makes it a bit uncomfortable when riding for more than 20 minutes. Forget riding uphill it is a joke. The Biomega is tons easier to pedal up the driveway.


  1. Hello, welcome! :)

    I've been covering coastal Southern California for the past few months. I live in San Diego, but my family is in Santa Barbara so I thought I'd include the whole region "by the sea".

    Nonetheless, I would LOVE to see what's going on in LA. Please contact me if you'd like any advise (

    Good luck and looking forward to reading your blog!


  2. Thanks for stopping by! I am so excited to have a reader already. I may have to email you your blog is lovely.

  3. Thank you :)

    How do you flip the columns on the blog?

  4. You're welcome. I just went to the layouts section then the Pick New Layout section and chose the lefty minima stretched.

  5. I love my townie! I'm sad that you're not happy with yours. :(

  6. Stephanie - I love my Townie on flat fairly smooth roads. It is a rally comfortable ride and it is beautiful. It is just not right for a regular city commuting bike for me. I am glad that you love yours though.


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