Saturday, July 4, 2009

Chic At The Shop

Lady Fair

I was fortunate to meet Heather here at Flying Pigeon LA. I happened to look out the window and saw a smashing looking female riding down the road I couldn't get my camera out of my bag quickly enough and she was out of site. Totally bummed I resumed my conversation with Josef and The Hubby. Next thing I knew she was standing right there in the store. I asked to take her photo and she agreed. What is even cooler is that she had actually seen this blog before our meeting. That is the first time I have met someone who has seen this thing. It has only been around a few weeks so I was so pleased. I found out that Heather had lived in Copenhagen for a while and is a fan of Copenhagen Cycle Chic, which explains her own high level of chic.

By the way Flying Pigeon has in a couple more Gazelle Toer Populaires just in case anyone was looking for one.


  1. Did you ask her if she wants to be a co-author on LA Cycle Chic? Not that you need the help, but she would be a good addition to your "staff."

  2. No I didn't. The thought never even occurred to me as a possibility. It is a good idea though.

  3. I have a few contributors on my cycling blog. 95% of the posts are written by me, but I like to get input from others sometimes, including allowing them to post. I think I have 5 other contributors right now. It helps round out the blog a bit in my case.

  4. Hi Cosmo! Thanks for the mention and photo! By the way, I returned to Flying Pigeon later the same day and left with a Batavus Favoriet! It's a great bike, and I'm constantly scheming up excuses to ride it around town...very important errands to run, of course. I'd love to know if you're still thinking about organizing a shopping and coffee ride for LA's lovely cyclistas!

  5. Hi Heather. Awesome that you have a Favoriet now. Lucky lady. By the way did you see Doohickie's comment about joining me on this blogging thing? I'd be glad to have you aboard if you are interested.


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