Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Corral: Biomega Amsterdam

Biomega 3

Biomega 5

Biomega 4

Biomega 1

Biomega 2

So this is the bike that inspired me to start the blog. This is the Bike that The Hubby bought for me. It is the Biomega Amsterdam in silver with the shaft drive and 8 speeds. It is very modern looking and pretty sporty to my eye. It has a nice enough ride it is not hard to pedal but it does feel heavy. It is also a bit small to have the Bobike on it and to pedal normally. It is much easier to pedal her on the Townie. I also find that the angle of the handle bars is a bit wrong for me. I ride it and I get lots of complements and questions. I just don't love it. It is a nice bike to have in the corral though since it is very interesting. The Hubby has a Biomega Amsterdam in white.


  1. i'm so happy to have found your blog. i'm right on the los ang side of culver city, so it sounds like i'm near you. i'm in the market for a dutch-style bike that i can haul my near 1-yr old around in as well, and i am looking at either this or the linus. just checked out the linus at their showroom with the yepp seats for the front and the back. do you like your bobike front seat on any of your bikes?

  2. Honestly I like my bobike seat on the Townie, the pashley, and the mixte. The only bike I don't like it on is the Raleigh and it is only because that bike is too small for me. I don't have the biomega anymore, but I think I remember that bike was a bit harder to have the seat on because my knees bumped it. I miss this bike.

  3. hi cosmo, i have a funny story to share - i just bought this bike from kate, the woman you sold it to. i had a feeling it was the same bike. how many biomega amsterdam ladies can possibly exist in west los angeles? maybe we will cross paths some day!

  4. That is fabulous. I am glad to hear that my Biomega has found another good home. Take good care of her and enjoy.

  5. i absolutely plan to take good care of this beautiful bicycle. speaking of, i'm going to take it to flying pigeon for a tune-up. but if you and your hubs have a shop over on the westside that you like for bike service, i'd appreciate the recommendation. thanks so much.


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