Friday, July 31, 2009

The Corral: Gazelle Tour De France Mixte




"Come on, everybody's doin' it." said the voice in my head when The Hubby showed me this listing on Craigslist. I saw it an felt that I couldn't be the only blogger without a mixte. It just wouldn't be right not to buy it. So we did. Now I own a 1992? Gazelle Tour de France Mixte. It needs some work. And I have to admit that I strongly dislike the color scheme and paint job. It is quite manly to me. Marianne over at Lovely Bicycles and Betty Foy at Lets go ride a bike are so pretty. Do I keep her and paint her up pretty or do I leave her as she is and pass her on to someone who loves her the way she is. I just don't know. Unlike my other Gazelle Tour de France this one is totally rideable. I have only taken her for a short spin so far but she is fairly smooth and zippy. Quite fun.


  1. Please please please.....

    Send me some pics for The Mixte Gallery.

    And I will love you forever.

    ;- )

  2. Oh my gosh. There's no way I could resist that mixte either! I adore Le Peug but the ones with the swooping lines just slay me. More pictures!

  3. p.s. actually, I really like the color scheme! With the right accessories you could make it less masculine.

  4. I like the color scheme too. Since it's monochromatic (black & white), maybe all you need is add some accent color here and there. Maybe the fenders and chainguard? It's a lot less hassle than painting the frame, so maybe worth a try?

  5. I just saw photos of this one on The Mixte Gallery and I am breathless with admiration and bike-envy. What a gorgeous, unusual bike you have here! If you ever get tired of it, please send it my way. I am totally serious; if you don't want it we can discuss price and shipping!

  6. Trisha & Mumbleboy - Since reading your comments I am looking at the mixte with kinder gentler eyes.I can see how it could be made to be girly even without a whole new paint job. I think to get a girly basket would help a lot

    Filigree - I will certainly keep that in mind as I am making my decision on it.


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