Friday, July 31, 2009

The Corral: Gazelle Tour De France




This is my Gazelle Tour de France. I think it is a 1983. Unforunately it is in such terrible shape that I haven't been able to ride it at all. The brakes dont work the wheels need trued. Everything is dented and busted. She has such good lines under all that rust. I have not decided if this is really a project the hubby and I can manage, but I am considering it. I imagine her in a pretty new color some new fenders and wheels. She'd be quite lovely. I saw her on Craigslist cheap and had to have her since she is a Gazelle and I am currently crushing on the Toer Populaire.


  1. hi there,

    Just got one for my GF, but it seems yours is already made singlespeed?? Mine is a 5 speed which i want to transfer into a single speed.
    Did you make this Gazelle TDF ridable?

  2. My TDF is a 3 speed. There is no way I would be able to ride around LA on a single speed. The Hubby has just started collecting parts for this bike so it is not ridable yet. I have just gotten started with the TDF Mixte which is going to be my "Fast" bike in case I decide to go on a bike culture type social ride.


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