Friday, July 24, 2009

The Corral: The Japanese Import





So I decided to make today a Red Bike Day! This is my Japanese Import Bike. Not exactly sure who made it. There are tons of labels on it that appear to be different bike shops. It is in amazing condition and was delighted to find it on Craigslist. The basket is great and the handles are so cool. The light even works. Sadly it is not the most comfortable bike to ride. It is too small for me I think but maybe it can be better adjusted. It also feels heavy to ride. Out of all of the bikes in my corral this one is the hardest to pedal up the test hill on my block especially since it is a single speed. I am sure that there are adjustments that can be made to improve the ride though if I decide to keep this one. It is just so beautiful and cool.


  1. I have to ask.... are ALL these bikes yours? How did you come to get them? (Craigslist addiction? ;- )

  2. Yep, they are ALL mine, although this Japanese bike and a few of the others the hubby is claiming partial custody. Serious craigslist addiction that is where they were all purchased aside from the Townie which I bought at Palms Cycles years ago. I think I am going to have to sell some of them which makes me a bit sad.

  3. What an unusual bicycle! -- the frame anatomy, to the fenders, chain cover, light and drop-down kick-stand, all fit together nicely, with a minimalist clean-looking feel to it.

    It is reassuring to read that you have so many bicycles! The husband and I now have 3 each. The problem is, that we like for things to be equal, so whenever one of us wants a bike, the other gets a matching one.

  4. My friend who is half Japanese told me that this bike is a typical "Mom Bike" in Japan. Apparently this style of bike is what all the moms use to run errands and take the kids places.


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