Sunday, July 12, 2009

El Lay~

el lay~
This is a fabulous photo by Kinamari from Flickr. She works on the Change Your Life Ride a Bike Blog. I am jealous that she is such a great photographer.

You gotta love LA. I certainly do. I think this photo captures the westside beautifully. I noticed a few comments on this photo about the ugg-esque boots. This is definitely a good question because it looks totally weird to the non SoCal/aussie eye. The story goes that ugg style boots were brought to the US in the 60s or 70s by aussie surfers to wear out of the water the boots suppsedly keep your feet warm in cooler months without letting them overheat in the summer. This super usefulness in footwear form caught on with surfers here. I haven't personally tried this because I don't wear dead animals but I think it makes sense as the boots are skin which breathes. I have to suffer when I get finished falling off my surfboard(I am not any good) and out of my wetsuit and get into plain old flipflops. Anyway SoCal girls who aren't surfers can wear them too even if they never set foot in the ocean. Because they don't actually need to go in the ocean they don't need them to be functional so there are multiple incarnations of the boot. It's a very laid back beach thing. Not particularly pretty, but whatcha gonna do?

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