Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun Day at Flying Pigeon

Today was a fun day at Flying Pigeon LA! I got to take the Batavus Fryslân for a spin. It was nice but I was disappointed to find out that they had already sold the Bruekelen so now I have to wait and see if they get another one in soon. Anyway here are some photos and by some I mean quite a few. Josef is rad for letting me come and play with his pretty toys.

Batavus Fryslan

Batavus Lamp

The Batavus

Me about to ride the Batavus.

Batavus Fryslan
Me riding the Batavus

Pink Flying Pigeon
Me admiring the pretty pink Flying Pigson that Josef modified to be a 5 speed.

Boys Can ride Pink too
Josef test riding the Flying Pigeon.

Josef Test Rides
Josef being crazy.

The new Torker that Flying Pigeon LA has in now.


  1. It's all about that SLR! Thanks for stopping by and checking in at the shop. I just put the finishing touches on one of those Flying Pigeon bakfiets, and it is going to be cruising through town with an XtraCycle from my shop helping Enci and Stephen at Rebel Without a Car Productions:

    They're using the cargo bikes to haul equipment for their shoot!

    When the bikes return, I'm going to kick start a Kidical Mass ride during the week at my shop.

  2. I will be in again when you get one of those Bruekelens in for me to test.

    That site is interesting stuff.

    I hope that you get those bobikes in soon so that we can take Miss S with us on that Kidical Mass ride. We can only squeeze her into the mini fo so long.

  3. I love the picture of you riding the Batavus. It is almost iconic. Very nice.


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