Friday, July 24, 2009

The Corral: Raleigh & My First Bike Date







The Hubby and I took our Raleighs out for a ride and we took in a movie. They got a chance to bond while we were in the theatre. It was the longest ride I had taken her on and it was pretty fun. It felt really small and I felt a bit vulnerable on the roads but she was smooth and so pretty. With only three speeds it was a bit of a challenge on some of the hills but not terrible. I think that if we hadn't been late dropping off Miss S at the babysitters and we had been able to go more slowly it would have been easier. I love the details like the birds in the chain ring and she has an odometer. I also really love that the hubby and I can match when we ride them as corny as that may be.

Edit: My Raleigh is a 1970 and the Hubby's is a 1969. Thanks Doohickie for the tip on how to find the date.


  1. Woo hoo, you both look fabulous!! And your matching bikes are too cute - I love how they're locked together :)

  2. Gawd, I love old Raleighs. The two of you are an attractive couple on your matching Raleighs. By the looks of yours, I would guess it's from.... 1970? 1972? Something like that. You can tell for sure by looking at the date on the Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub. It should have a date code like 71 11, which would indicate the hub was made in November, 1971.

    As a fellow Raleighist, I'd be interested in knowing how old your pair of Raleighs is.

  3. I'll have to look at that hub and I'll get back to you. Thanks for that tip.

  4. Ok, so I looked and mine is a 70 and The Hubby's is a 69. I am going to edit that into the post.

  5. i saw 2 raleighs exactly like this on craigslist!! two beautiful bikes u got there :)

  6. You two are adorable on your matching red bikes!

    I have a blue Raleigh. Not sure of the year. It's an awesome bike, but yes, it doesn't take hills too well.

  7. Caryl - It may have been these two bikes. They were on craigslist for a while and we thought they would be sold by the time we decided to get them but they weren't.

  8. Love your bikes. I'm restoring a vintage Raleigh now and cant wait to ride it.


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