Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bike Day LA

Heather and I rode over to Bike Day LA after testing out one of the routes that we are considering for our meet and greet. We looked a bit out of place with our bikes being of the multi-speed european city bike style. I had my Biomega, heather had her Batavus, and The Hubby had the bakfiets. There were a lot of fixes and skinny jeans and tasty tasty izze. Good times.

Bike Day LA Sweet

Bike Day LA Foot Down Contest

Bike Day LA Lavender

Bike Day LA Izze

Bike Day LA Mocs

Bike Day LA Crowd

Bike Day LA Wheel Push


  1. last photo is super rad! love the shadow! ;)

  2. That last photo was actually taken by The Hubby.


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