Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Corral: Bakfiets, baby!


Oh Yeah. We got a bakfiets. It is an unnamed machine which we again found on craigslist. I probabaly need to block craigslist from my house. There isn't room for any other bikes. It isn't a fancy Bakfiets bakfiets but it is ours and we didn't have to spend our entire tiny savings on it. Yay. Supposedly it was a sample that someone ordered and was considering selling, or something to that effect. If anyone has a clue where this thing came from I'd be excited to know. Anyway we thought it would be a good way to try out a bakfiets and see how they fit our lifestyle. Turns out it is pretty awesome.



When we brought it home We both tested riding it with the daughter in the box. The Hubby was really good at it. I on the other hand had quite a bit more difficulty getting used to the way it handles. I had quite a time trying not to crash into the buildings and fences I rode past. Pretty much the whole ride was "woah, wooooah, aah, woah, AAAAH WALL!"

Today The Hubby took the bakfiets for a much, much, longer ride. And found it to be pretty nice though it is not light (neither is our daughter) and the 3 speeds are not perhaps the easiest for pedaling said not light bike up the hills near our house. We are going to try lowering the gearing since The Hubby only pedaled in 1st gear all day. We may have to add gears if that doesn't work. It would be nice if it had a canopy though.

Anyway I am so glad we found this. I was not happy about having Miss S behind me when I rode with her. Though I may still have to sometimes having an option is great.

Edited to add: That is not the way Miss S wore her safety belt while we were riding and she did wear a helmet following state law.


  1. Awesome! That's so exciting and you all look so happy. I've test ridden a bakfiets and once I got used to the steering, I was surprised how easy it was to ride (granted, it had 8 gears and no child in the box and Chicago has no hills). The box on the one I rode (Azor) was a little different, but yours looks familiar, though I can't think of where I've seen it.

    If you haven't already, you should check out Suburban Bike Mama and Full Hands. Both blogs are written by mothers who carry their kids in bakfiets.

  2. Too funny as I read that same Craiglist post and thought of you. I am enjoying your blog as well as 'Suburban Mama', 'Lovely Bike' and 'Let's Go For a Ride' I see that they read each others blogs too.

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  4. Dottie - I had not seen those blogs before very cool. I love the Sorte on Suburban Bike Mama.

    Maggie - We saw the posting and tried not to get it for a while. I think it was listed for over a month and we caved. Cycle bloggers certainly are awesome at supporting and reading other cycle blogs.

  5. As the Hubby in the picture I wanted to say that I did use all 3 gears but for long portions of the ride, especially up hill, I would only use 1st gear. I am sure once I put the larger cog on the wheel it should be perfect. I was very impressed with it, and I will only make a few minor adjustments to it.

  6. bring it to the beach!! :) :)

  7. Ooh that's a pretty one! The white frame looks so good with the dark brown basket. Reminds me of a birch forest.

    I sympathise with you about needing to block Craigslist. Thankfully, we now live in a space that makes it physically impossible to get more bikes. Still, I read the ads and weep internally!

  8. Wow, great find! I would definitely have one of these bikes if I had a kid.

    I love love love the last photo with the big succulents in the background. So SoCal.

  9. This is a defietsfabriek. You can check them out at the only US dealer in Chicago. I have a green one but with 5 speeds.. and love it!

  10. Chris, I don't think it is a defietsfabriek bakfiets. It is a very different shaped box than the ones on the website you linked to and it only has one tube not two. I am pretty sure it is Taiwanese. I saw one very similar to it at interbike.

  11. Congratulations! I feel the bakfiets is much easier to ride then bicycles with kids propped on them. Bakfiets have lower center of gravity making the balancing part much easier once you get used to the ride. Have fun from a native LA girl now living in SF!


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