Monday, August 31, 2009

A Golden Moment on the Gold Line

Boarding the Metro Gold Line at Union Station, I encountered a rather nice problem: too many bikes on the metro! Granted, my friends and I were traveling as a group of four, but nevertheless, we were joined by two additional cyclists. Several more were on and off at later stops. We maxed out at 7 bikes on one train, and this being at 9 pm on a Sunday!

Among these cyclists was Bianca, who was certainly the best-dressed of all the passengers, including those without bikes. While wearing black patent slingbacks, she told me that the clips on her pedals make riding in heels a piece of cake. Cycle chic to a tee.


  1. Look at all those bikes! Love it!

  2. nice dress! rad picture. and those bikes, YES!!! >.<


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