Saturday, August 15, 2009

Recent-ish Visit to FPLA

Torker & Basil

Flying Pigeon Has Torkers in stock. I test rode several, but this one was the prettiest. Though it was the prettiest it nearly killed me. OK that is totally hyperbole but I did get stuck in the middle of an intersection because my skirt got caught in the brakes. Luckily for me it was a totally quiet residential intersection with no cars present on the road. I don't think I'll be riding any bikes with rim brakes in a loose flowy jersey knit skirt anytime soon. The Cargo Torker was a nicer ride (probably because it is heavier which I am finding I favor at least for short rides) but again the one in the photo was the prettiest and the Basil bag matches. By the way if you are petite and reading this some of the Torkers that Josef has in are tiny, so you may want to check them out. I felt like a clown trying to ride the little ones. The Torkers are a nice bike to consider if you have been considering the Breezer. I think the ride is very similar but the Torkers are a different look

FP TeamworkAlign Center

This group of friends showed up while I was visiting.



Best part of the trip was that I got to ride the Kronan! I was fortunate to turn up at the same time Richard from Bicycle Fixation was dropping it off with it's new owner Josef. Josef let me take it for a spin. Even though it was not a step through and awkwardly tall for me to be riding in my previously mentioned loose flowy jersey skirt it was a blast. The bike is very heavy and has fat tires on it which gave it the smoothest ride ever. Seriously I barely felt the curb. The saddle was surprisingly comfy and it just glides like magic. If I were going to order a Kronan I would definitely have to get the step through and at least the 3 speed because the single was a bit much for my wimpy legs. The Hubby loved it was well. It was just sooooooo much fun! We were very tempted to order a pair when we got home. There is a more thorough review from a very different perspective than I can offer of it over on the Bicycle Fixation site. I have to admit his photos are prettier.

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  1. They sell that same black-and-white floral Basil pannier in my local shop. If it was just a tiny bit larger, it would fit my MacBook Pro, which would be super useful.


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