Monday, September 7, 2009

Blue Bike Blue Dress

Bike Oven Simon

This is Simon. Spotted entering the Bike Oven while I was paying a visit to Josef over at Flying Pigeon LA. Blue dress matches the blue bike. She rides in a dress on a bike without coat guards or even fenders. Chic-in' it up without fear. Fabulous!


  1. Very pretty. I've heard a fenderless set-up referred to as "California style." Does that mean it never rains there? Are there hordes of fenderless bikes roaming the state? :)

  2. Oh yes fenderless is everywhere. I didn't know it had a name. Funny. It doesn't really rain here much at least in Southern California since it is pretty much desert and in some level of drought almost all the time. It mostly only rains in the winter. There are not many puddles here from natural causes though there are many from people over watering their lawns.

  3. I never heard the term 'California style' either, but I like it! My 26 yr old bike is fenderless and I have never had any worries of splatter. My new bike has fenders, yet I get these small mysterious dirt spots (that always wash away) just above my left knee only. I can't figure out how that is happening.

    Cosmo, Amen about the over watering. My other passion is Calif. native plants. Three years ago I converted my dead lawn to native plants. the cool thing? Several of my neighbors also converted after I did. So, like biking, I hope the more people see, the more people will participate.


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