Monday, September 28, 2009

The Corral: Pashley Sonnet Bliss!

Yeah so, My name is Cosmo and I'm a bikeaholic. Whew, it feels really good to get that off my chest.

Anyway now that I have admitted that I have a problem let me introduce to you my brand spanking new Pashley Sonnet Bliss.

The Corral Pashley Sonnet 2

Spotted at Interbike. The Claret color was just too beautiful. Then Lindsey mentioned that it was a pain to take all the bikes all the way back to Arizona so I had to do the only thing any decent person would have done. I offered to take the Sonnet off of their hands. How could I not. Lindsey, Loring, and Adrian were just too nice to be burdened with a pesky new beautiful bike. They went home a little lighter and I went home to make my living room a bit more crowded. Viva Las Vegas!

The Corral Pashley Sonnet 3

This is Dave. Dave is from Pashley. He looked over my bike for me after Interbike was over to make sure that I could be pretty sure it would be safe to ride when I got it home. Thanks again Dave!

The Corral Sonnet

Woohoo! I couldn't even be bothered to adjust the seat post height before I took her out for a little spin. Bring on the LACC Meetup! Oh, wait I am supposed to be planning that. Well, I'd better get on it so that I can get all dressed up with a place to go.

Now about that overcrowded living room, anyone need a bike(or several)?


  1. nice! I rode that bike a few weeks ago. It's a nice bike! so now you are done searching??

    I am a bike-oholic too.

  2. Congratulations! That is one gorgeous bike. You definitely did the right thing, crowded living room or not. :)

  3. MamaVee - Nope, not done searching. Though now both of my English Bicycle positions have been filled. I still have an opening for a Dutch bike(I am only keeping one of the Gazelles I have, and The Hubby claims the Batavus is his). The dutch will need 7-8 gears Since I have a 3 & a 5. Of course I also "need" something with balloon tires.

    Trisha - I know. It was kismet that I met the Sonnet last week. Now she needs a name since she is definitely a keeper.

  4. Congratulations and I hope you are very happy together! You know what they say: You can never be too fabulous, too talented, or have too many bikes.
    : )


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