Monday, September 28, 2009

Hot Bikes of Interbike: Batavus

Interbike Batavus 1

Here is a look at one side of the Batavus Booth. Unfortunately the photos of the other side which featured the BUB were too blurry and underexposed to be of any use.

Interbike Batavus 2

Here are Fred and Frank from Batavus.

Interbike Batavus Bub

Also got to see the Batavus BUB. The "paper clip" bike. It is super modern heavy duty industrial looking with fat cushy tires. I didn't get to test it out but it looks pretty cool. Not featured in this photo were white and black BUBs.


  1. The "paperclip" bikes are intriguing. Very different and "edgy" to be sure, but I wonder what is the structural benefit of this construction over the classic triangle. It would be neat to see one of these on the streets and examine it.

  2. I took one for a test ride today at FPLA. It was nice. The Hubby really liked it. I thought it was alright. It is really sporty for me, but the big apple tires are awesome.


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