Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Orange 20 Bikes Again

Hey what is that?

O20 Pash Window

Could it be? No not in LA. But, yes. Yes, it is. It's a Pashley Princess Sovereign! She is over at Orange 20 Bikes.

O20 Pashley Test

I took it for a spin, well another spin actually. The first time I took it out I so strongly disliked it that I could bring myself to write about it because so many people love their Pashley's. I thought either I am odd or the bike was off. Well this second test proved that it was the bike that was off. The first time the ride was really rough and uncomfortable and I could barely ride it around the block. This time it was much smoother. I am sure that it helped that they were able to raise the seat for me this time. Last time the seat was almost all the way down and me knees were higher than my hips when I was pedaling. Anyway, I thought the ride was much nicer this time and I can see how everyone can enjoy it so much. I think a larger size frame would be better for me for fit and weight as this bike feels light compared to the lovely Kronan and even lovelier Gazelle Toer Populaire. The hard thing about test riding these european style city bikes at Orange 20 is that that is not their specialty and if you ask a question about it there is a good chance they won't know so be prepared to make a note to self while test riding and then go home and google any answers you might need. If you are looking for a road bike or fixed gear they have tons of answers for you.

O20 Delivery

I also got to take the Personal Delivery bike for a spin. It was nice though someone did something weird to the handle bars.

Oh and I was silly and left my phone in the basket while I was test riding the Pashley and because of the trustworthyness of the Orange 20 customers and staff it was still there when I went to get it the next afternoon. Yay!


  1. Okay, granted I am a Pashley owner and probably sound defensive - but I cannot stress enough that to get an accurate impression of a bike, one must try the appropriately sized frame. Raising the saddle is not enough to get a proper impression of how the bike will feel, because the other proportions (length of the bike, head-tube height, handlebar positioning, etc) are still off. This effects everything from balance to quality of the ride, to the angle of your body and the pressure on your limbs... I have noticed that for some weird reason, shops that sell the Pashley Princess tend to stock the tiny 17.5" frame as the floor model. The 20" and the 22.5" frames are each a significant jump up and feel completely different.

  2. I totally agree and I always try to state if the bike I tested was too small as they often are here in LA. Josef from Flying Pigeon LA mostly orders the smaller frames for his shop for the most part because he says there are a lot of super petite girls that go in looking for this type of bike. Everyone is willing to order the bikes for you, but I am just not confident enough to order a $1000+ bike without riding it first. Particularly I have a problem with my arm length on smaller bikes. My elbows end up behind me which cannot be solved by raising the saddle.

  3. Hi there! Lovely to find your blog, and thanks for the link :D I am 5'2'' and I ride the 20'' frame Pashley Princess, they say it may be a tad too big for me, but I like it and it rides brilliantly. It goes to shoes that one must really try the bikes first, I guess our bodies are shaped differently and so are our proportions ;) so one rule for all doesn't really apply :D x

  4. I fianlly got around to subscribing to the site. Orange 20 is a great shop! I miss Hollywood Pro :( they were 2 blocks from me b4 they moved the canyons.

  5. Haha! Thanks for linking me to "many" :) I do love my Pashley. I'm not sure if it's because the bike was such a relief after a summer dealing with my broken Amsterdam. Or maybe I'm just taken with how pretty it is, and how it has all the bells and whistles in one shot. I definitely notice the way I enjoy my other rides. Like how fast and light my road bike is, and how it's so EASY to ride. And now that the Amsterdam is fixed... it's a little more recumbent and more relaxed. Pashley is heavy. My posture when riding her is very perched and alert. And yeah, I have to mess around with the gears more too.

    But yes, me likey!


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