Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Gentleman in Business Casual


Pulled this photo out of my file just for Jeff. I was so surprised to se a tie on a person on a bike that I dug out my camera and snapped this from the passenger seat. I love how he is rolling by the gas station. I also had taken these a while ago:

Fully Suited

Flying Pigeon


  1. Thanks for the pics. I like photos 2 and 3 -- nice, elegant panniers/briefcase attachments rock. Still, can't possibly imaging getting those 50 pound bikes up our hills...

  2. The gentleman in the photo was riding in Silverlake and Eagle Rock for this social ride. He rides like this on his Flying Pigeon all the time in LA which is a lot of up and down hills. He isn't a westsider that gets to enjoy the mostly flatness. Dutch bikes are not super rare in Seattle which is also really hilly.

  3. Sweet photos! I know the guy in the bottom photo. :-)


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