Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hot Bikes of Interbike: Electrics

The first e-bike I saw that wasn't hideous was this blue iZip bike.


Then I saw these Kilowatt bikes. I thought they looked pretty cool for being electric assist. I wish that I had gotten a chance to take one for a ride, but I didn't come to their booth until the end of the last day of Interbike. I love that one of the frames is a mixte style. I love the argyle detail and the colors. The awesome iridescent purple/blue color was apparently a mistake gone terribly right and now is a production color. It looks really nice in person.




  1. Did you see the Pedego electric bikes? Orange with Fat Franks was hot!

  2. I don't think I saw them but I was not really looking at anything that looked like a beach cruiser. I do love Fat Franks though.

  3. All the ebikes at the show had one thing in common; SLOW
    pedego makes riders look like circus clowns

  4. Our bikes (PEDEGO) were the hit of the show at Interbike as far as electric bicycles. The cruiser are 500 Watt motors and go 20 mph regulated so slow is the last thing they could be called.


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