Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bicycle Beauty In Motion

Miss Sarah Chan's Two-Wheeled Adventure is so great. I saw it for the first time a few months ago, but didn't realize that it was on youtube to share with everyone. There are so many things about it that I love. I'll start with saying that I love the music. I love the bike. Pashleys are beautiful machines. I love her upgraded basket. I love her shoes, so hot (and I am pretending that they are vegan). I love her dress. I am obsessed with bows and hers is huge and beautiful. I love full skirts. I love her dismount! Seriously I dream of being able to do that. It is so beautiful and graceful and complicated looking. I don't think I am an experienced enough cyclist to even attempt that yet, I have weird balance issues. Anyway I think that this video is a demonstration of the essence of my interpretation of Cycle Chic.

Visit Miss Sarah Chan's Blog Girls and Bicycles.

Edit: I just watched this again for like the 5th time and just noticed that there is a Sugarbowl. Just like on the Arthur cartoon, well not just like but similar.


  1. Wow, i don't even have my Pashley yet (a sonnet, like yours!) and i'm already sure that there's no way i'll ever look this amazing on a bike! You are right, Sarah is the essence of cycle chic!

  2. Danae, Never say never! By choosing a Pashley and realizing the Awesome that is Sarah you clearly know chic. It is only a matter of time before that knowledge show itself in you bicycle riding.

  3. Hey Girls - Thanks for the kind words! The dismount sort of evolved naturally, it feels normal to do it that way. Glad to know it looks cool.

    That video was about 6-8 weeks after I had baby Dexter. New moms can be chic too!

    Seriously, thank you for the honourable mention on your blog:)))


  4. Sarah - That is crazy that that was so soon after Dexter. 8 weeks after Miss S. I was in sweats and The Bubby's Ts staring at her and wondering what did I do? You looked amazing, as always.

  5. Video, model, bike and city are all lovely. To date, much of my Edmonton knowledge has come from the ESPA. Canada has never disappointed these Yankee tourists, so a trip out west appears to be in order.
    The Chattanoogan


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