Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get Sum Dim Sum with Flying Pigeon LA

I finally decided to go on a Get Sum Dim Sum Ride with Flying Pigeon LA. I had wanted to go but not wanted to go for a long time. Since Dim Sum is not vegan friendly I just couldn't bring myself to get up and try to get my daughter ready early enough to make it on time. This Sunday I decided it was about time I went to one of the rides with my favorite local bike shop. I just made sure to eat before we left. We did eat rice at the restaurant though so we didn't look crazy sitting there not eating. The ride was pleasant the company excellent and it was interesting seeing another part of town by bicycle. I usually drive to FPLA because it is a really hilly ride from my place but taking the Metro there was only a little annoying. We even got to take a little detour and people got to have samples of coconut cake. I am glad I went.







The Kids loved the bakfiets



  1. Sounds like a fun ride. I'm a sucker for theme rides.

  2. seeing the kdis around is awesome! go fp rides! :D

  3. It was really neat that you guys brought your bakfiets!

    Two of those bikes on one ride must have really made an impression on folks.

    I've got some good news - I think that a deal with nihola is going to happen, and I'll be selling those bikes for a few months (at least).

  4. The two bakfietsen together were pretty cool especially since they were pretty different to look at.

    Niholas are beautiful. That is awesome.

  5. Wow, more vegan cyclists. I cant keep up. We've done rides to vegan restaurants in the past, including to Happy Family. Let's organize some more!

  6. I try to do this ride every time I get down to LA and it never happens. Next time!!!!!

  7. Matt, Sounds good.

    Adrienne, I recommend it highly to all my omnivorous friends & neighbors.

  8. Matt, I am in for a vegan ride!!! I do like Happy Family too.


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