Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kickin' it with the Kid in Sweet Kicks


Ken Yamakoshi riding with his son in Culver City. I love that he rides his wife's bike when he is kid toting and doesn't mind the vintage step-through frame. I also love his snazzy shoe choice. I also love the word snazzy. It is fun to say and has z's in it so it looks nifty.

I am in a silly mood. Sorry.


  1. I was in CC yesterday at the grocery store. A very young, maybe 19 yr old, stylishly dressed beautiful woman was in line in front of me. She had all the makings of cupcakes loaded in her hand held wire basket. I asked her if it was a bike basket. She said it was. As I exited the store, I saw her clipping her basket to a cute beach cruiser while a young man hit on her. She then rode off while several men gaped. Too bad the batteries were dead in my camera. It would have made a great shot for your blog.

  2. Culver City is really looking amazing cyclist wise. In that area I see nearly just as many women cycling as men and rarely people in spandex and HiViz. I think that people feel safer riding there. They also seem to have plenty of bike racks. Main street and Washington in that area is totally focused on pedestrians. My hubby complains when he is in his car that it is annoying to drive there. I think that is great.

  3. Yes, CC is looking amazing. Check out this blurb about the Culver City Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan:


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