Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bikes With Bags


A bike and a moped? Ok, I'll admit it. Not really sure what the red bike is but the two chatted for a bit at the red light.


  1. The bags are Basil Kavan II and they retail for $140 - $180 at most shops. I sell 'em for $160, and they are pretty dashing (if a little pricey).

    It's funny how both of these guys are on bikes that are a mix of fair-weather vehicles with some slight adaptations for utility. That's California for you. Like a beach cruiser with high pressure 26" tires, and a 7 speed derailleur.

  2. Maybe that's a gas bike conversion. I saw one in Burbank the other day.

  3. Wow, that does look like a gas bike conversion. I don't see the point, but okay. It does look nice with those Basil panniers.

  4. looks like a Derringer to me.



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