Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bye, Bye, Biomega

I recently sold my Biomega Amsterdam. It was fun while I had it but it wasn't the right bike for me. It was too modern looking and the light aluminum frame did not give the comfortingly sturdy ride that I get from my Pashley. The Bike will be much happier now that it will be ridden more regularly instead of gathering dust in my living room while it waits for me to choose an outfit that matches it. Anyway it now belongs to Kate and her family who I met at the Get Sum Dim Sum ride. I am glad that I kinda know the bikes new family I am sure I'll get to see it around town from time to time.




I hope they'll be very happy together. I did make a little video of it to remember it by that I'll throw on YouTube soon.


  1. If you were going to sell one, that was a good choice. I'm not too big on modern-looking bikes.

  2. Interesting bike, but I am not a fan of aluminum frames either. May it have a good new life!

  3. Flattered to have made the cut on your blog! I'm happy to provide a new home for your Biomega and have been enjoying riding it to work for the past week. There is definitely a more traditional Dutch bike in my future, but this one is fun to have, too!

  4. I didn't realize you had a Biomega. Those are interesting bikes. Looks like it's going to a great new home!


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