Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Rainy Day in LA

Yesterday was a rainy day here in LA. It was chilly too. Still cyclists persisted. There were more cyclists on the road than I have here, but not all of my photos came out well. I don't get a lot of practice shooting in the rain. Anyway despite the fact that most people here don't own rain gear there were plenty of people out wearing their normal clothes. Though I did see much more black than I usually do. I guess rain makes them feel a bit more east coast. Didn't see many ladies on bikes in the rain though. In fact I only saw one and she was carrying an umbrella. I was so disappointed that pic was no good. I have a project in mind so that the next rainy day I can come up with an excuse to go somewhere and I will go out, or maybe we should plan a rainy day ladies tweet-up?






After the Rain came the rainbow!



  1. Nice photos! I decided not to ride yesterday in the rain. I used to, but now that I am older, I'm not up to the challenges ;)

  2. It's been misty and foggy here in Texas this week. If finally seemed to be clearing off this evening.

  3. Beautiful rainbow! Some days I feel like riding in the rain, others I don't. :)

  4. I missed the rainbow, but the real treat for me was the snow on the mountains the next morning!

  5. I love it when I can see the snow capped mountains in LA!!


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