Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Something Else All Together


Yeah, part hipster, part pirate, part Brando.


  1. Is that a lowrider with a derailleur? Hmmm...

  2. No, that's PeeWee Herman after a trip to the Chopper shop.

  3. I live in Long Beach now, but have lived in L.A. on two occasions since 2006, incl. on the Westside. When I was living on the Westside I didn't see very many people riding bikes on a daily basis - it was overwhelmingly weekend riders at the beach, etc. So I'm blown away by all these photos of folks riding bikes in L.A.!

    I'm from Copenhagen, have been a bike rider all my life, have never owned a car. I truly hope I'm wrong, but I doubt L.A. will ever be like Copenhagen in terms of the number of commuter bike riders. As long as there is such enormous prestige attached to owning a car here in SoCal most residents will stick to driving. If we were able to somewhoe change that car-equals-status-mentality, it would make a huge difference. Or maybe just wait until gas hits $10 pr. gallon?

    Keep up the good work all you bike riders!

    P.S. My fellow great Dane Mikael from Copenhagen Cycle Chic alerted me to your blog yesterday after I read about him in Danish online media and wrote him an email - I had no idea you existed!

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    Sharon / Gig / The Nightfly (my music blog The Nightfly)

  4. Sharon, I'm glad you found us! Copenhagen is not anything like LA so I don't think it will ever be even really close, but I think that LA could be a Paris especially with Bike friendly cities like Long Beach and Culver City and Santa Monica(bike friendly-ish) bordering it. It just needs enough decent (not in the door zone) bike lanes and some separated bike paths that go to shopping so that Moms can take their kids by bike without terror. Teaching kids that bikes are transportation not just sport or recreational equipment is important. We have only been biking with my daughter for less than 6 months and she always asks us why we can't always take the bike instead of the car. It is much more fun. I am hopeful for my city.

  5. Thanks, Cosmo - just now read your reply. I'll check the blog more often from now on.

    How I wish more folks would get biking!

    Good news: here in Long Beach the city has just dedicated new space for bike riders in Naples with clearly marked white stripes and a bike logo - yay!

  6. Thanks, Cosmo - just now read your reply. Will check the blog on a regular basis from now on.

    Good news: Long Beach just added more bike lanes along 2nd Street in the Naples 'hood. Makes a big difference. Yay! Now if only mo' LB folks would get in the saddle!


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