Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Touch of Summer Nostalgia

In the middle of what looks to be a very rainy winter week, it's nice to remember the summer sunshine. Back in July, Liz and Shay of C.I.C.L.E. hosted an event at Whole Foods-Arroyo about shopping by bicycle. Their talk featured lots of enthusiasm, cute posterboards, and some stylish & sturdy bags & panniers. Sorry for being so slow to blog; it was a great event!

Shay shows off a lovely pair of bags.

There are many snazzy ways to carry your stuff without sacrificing style or dignity. I'm thinking about putting a large basket on my rear rack, so I can carry delicate things (fresh berries!) without risk of squashing them under the elastic straps.


  1. Whole Foods + CICLE = good idea. Impressed.

    My wicker basket always seems too small and I don't want to install panniers or rear baskets due to aesthetic reasons.

    It's also a conscious decision to force my self to move and buy less stuff.

  2. Christa, I am not a fan of the look of rear baskets but, panniers would be adorable on your electra. Basil has a couple of really great ones. You should check out the hubby's functionalcycling.com

  3. I agree about panniers looking nice vs rear baskets iffy. Basil's seem very roomy and are affordable.

  4. I've seen some woven rear baskets which look alright, but it's definitely not my favorite look. Maybe it's about time for a classic front basket...

  5. Christa, do not listen to them. You don't have to sacrifice personal taste for capacity. I really dislike panniers, although I do think the dutch Clarijs (not available in the US) are kinda cute. For me, collapsible chrome wire side baskets were the right answer. But it could just be a reason to get a cargo bike. Or some sort of platform. Or a vintage-looking trailer. Or...

  6. Well panniers are definately useful and yes they can look good, just not for me right now.

    I miss LA cycle chic photos!

  7. I know! I need to get back to posting.


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