Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good News & Bad News

The good news is I have my computer back. The bad news is Everything on my old hard drive has been lost. That'll teach me to go 6 months without backing up my files. Oh well, I am trying to look at this as a clean slate and an opportunity to start fresh with a lot of things. Since I just got the computer back last night I am trying to everything reinstalled and functional. Hopefully I should be at a place where I can post regularly within the next week. The tweed ride photos are bursting out of my camera, but I am deciding if I should wait until I order an external drive (or 2).


  1. UGH!! So sorry to hear that happened to you!

  2. That's really hard but it seems like you have the right attitude. Here is a recent blog post from mnmlist regarding backing up:

    Personally I use the Apple Time Capsule which backs up my computer wirelessly every day so I don't ever have to think about it.

  3. Dreamlet, thanks for the article. I have to say those are some good ideas. I feel so glad I have emailed so much of my freelance stuff to people. Where does your time capsule back up to? Do you have an external drive?

  4. Here's good thoughts sent your way wishing this gets resolved well for you!!

    Hang in there, maybe a miracle? While doing my blog I got a virus that completely wiped me out. I borrowed a laptop like you're currently doing for 3 months.
    As a last resort I thought about getting the hard drive recovered and everyone I contacted to do it, wanted more $$ than the last one with no guarantees. Finally the last guy I talked to gave me some advice. I spent one entire week on all these techy forums and tried code fix after every other kind of fix to get my computer to come to life again. Guess what? I DID it and it's the very laptop I'm on at this moment.
    Oh, the external hard drive backup - YES!

  5. Lacie brand external hard drives are really good. I have one and it has a nice bright orange bumper case. I carry it to and from work and it's been a trooper.
    eva // evoluer


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