Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Butterfly Girl


Chinchin was trying out this Batavus Butterfly at Flying Pigeon LA which she ultimately decided not to keep, but isn't she adorable.


  1. Such a cute bike! I've been reading your blog all weekend ~ I'm in love with dutch bikes! Since it looks like you visit Flying Pigeon LA quite a lot, have you ever tested a Flying Pigeon? I'm trying to decide between the Linus Dutchi or the FP (both more affordable for me than the "real" dutch bikes, unfortunately)... any comments on either? thanks!!

  2. Nina - I have tested the flying pigeons. Josef gets those up and running smooth ad he offers great service if you should ever have any problems. Seriously he'll take good care of you. The Dutchi is beautiful and rides really nice especially for the price. The Linus people are great too though I have only met them 2 or 3 times. The rides of the bikes however are completely different in feel. To me the Linus bikes are really zippy and the FPs are more grounded. If you haven't yet I would try to test both and see which you prefer. Good luck making a choice!


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