Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cycle Chic Sundays Santa Monica

I was so excited when Eva of Evoluer & Cycle Chic Sundays contacted me about helping to organize a ride through Santa Monica. I have been a bit too tired to plan a social ride all on my own for LA Cycle Chic due to the family situation, and Heather and Caryl have been busy too. This was perfect.

It was a great time cruising through the streets of Santa Monica. I hadn't seen Christa, Caryl and Heather in ages and I was pleased to meet Eva and her friends even though I felt like a bit of an old lady. We made stops at Peets Coffee & Tea and Urth Cafe where I ordered the most delicious vegan chocolate cake in LA. It is so delicious it is evil.

Miss S had a great time and I think I have mastered the new child seat that I used on the Townie. On the previous two attempts I made the mistake of dismounting the bike before she did and it kid of tipped. This time was smooth boarding. Yay, Bobike Jr. seat. I was also pleased that I survived the length of the ride. With my ever increasing figure I get tired sooner than I usually do, but the rides pace was relaxed and I was fine and woke up on Monday feeling fantastic. More Bikes Please!












I am looking forward to Heather and Caryl posting their Photos of the ride here soon. My pics are only average but theirs are beautiful! I have yet to master riding/shooting/child toting.

This is my LGRAB Summer Games Social Cycling Social Ride


  1. I'm so glad the ride worked out. It was such a pleasure meeting you and the ladies of LACC. You are my hero for carrying two passengers on your Townie! xoxo

  2. Hello, I´m Jerónimo from Madrid Cycle Chic (Spain). First, I would like tos ay I love your work about the pictures and you blog. Second, I would like to share this video about cycleing around Madrid. I hope you like it. Enjoy cycleing.



  3. these are lovely cosmo!!! and that panda is fabulous :D
    loving these cycle chic sundays gatherings

  4. Thanks for the compliment on my Panda. That is only my second one ever! I get nervous about trying to ride and do anything else with one hand.

  5. I love to ride in my little city too! The photo of the three ladies biking is fantastic. I'm going to feature it as part of my Bike in Style series next week at peppertowne.com

    It's beautiful! I really love it.


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