Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pink Bikes & Cupcakes

I decorated my Bike. Since I have been riding the Townie more now that I have this increasing bump I thought I ought to try and make Miss S's Bobike seat match the bike a little bit better and I added a new white basket and a headlight. All I need now is a cute bell, she is borrowing the Pashley's for now.:



Miss S Wanted in on the Bike Decorating and added a couple of bells to her electra which she is in the process of learning to ride:


The fabric I covered the seat pads in is leftover yardage from her birthday dress. She loves cupcakes and being a princess.


And then Miss S wanted to direct the photo shoot so I let her pose us.



  1. Soooo cute! And that tiny little pink Electra is adorable. You both look fabulously stylish as do your bikes :)


  2. that is the cutest thing ever

  3. The tiara is perfectly awesome and I will be sure to get one very soon. You both look fabo! If you want to see another cool pink bike, check out the July 5 post of my blog.

  4. Positively precious. And you made it as the "Change your life, ride a bike" photo of the week too!!

  5. Totally adorable! :-)
    While on the subject of "kid" bike seats, I'm wondering what you think of the Yepp Maxi? I have yet to see one in person, but am thinking of getting one for our almost 2-yr-old to ride my new (yea!) Public Bikes Mixte. Any thoughts?....

  6. I am not really a fan of rear mounted seats, but as far as they go the Yepp seats look great. they are really squishy and comfy feeling and I think are comparable to the bobikes. I haven't test ridden them though on played with them in the store.

  7. Hi, there!
    can you tell me which child seat is that and where it is sold? Thank you!

  8. Lady Guedes - The seat is a Bobike Jr. and we bought it at Flying Pigeon LA.

  9. Thank you so much!
    Love your blog and your bikes.

  10. Oh my, that has got to be the cutest mother and daughter bike shot I have seen!


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