Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"chic"lavia 2.0

ciclavia 2011
see more ciclavia photos here!!! :)


  1. I agree. Without a helmet, you might look cool when you're riding, but you look really stupid when you crash...

  2. Beautiful!
    Ignore the humorless, these are all great photos and it's not like it's YOUR job ((or humorless Hammy's job)) to police the subjects! Everyone is having a great time and that's what matters; nice shooting!

  3. Caryl, Thanks for putting these up! They are awesome. When my computer comes back from the dead mine will be up too. I love how well you captured the L.A.-ness of it all.

  4. hey, oh! re: helmets...

    i'm not against it. i say you do you. btw, have you guys seen this post? http://lacyclechic.blogspot.com/2011/09/blog-post.html :)

  5. Great photos! It's cool to see so many different kinds of bikes.

    Please send some of that sunny warmth up to Chicago - thx. :)

  6. thanks dottie! sending you warmth right this moment. come visit socal soon! :) xx-c


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