Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cycle to the Mall


Certainly if you are going to the mall the bike is an awesome way to go. You can take your bike right up to the door.


  1. go elay! do the LA malls accomodate bike racks much? I know it may be a different approach of in venice or sta. monica, is this in santa monica?
    was recently at the refinery +to visit a friend at peet's there (such a cool retro building)
    plenty of bikes around that area

  2. Well this mall is in Santa Monica and there are lots of bike racks. Also the grove has bike parking. There is also a mall in culver city that has lame hidden bike parking so it really depends on the mall and where it is located.

  3. I love that at The Grove bike racks are in the parking structure right next to the security booth.


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