Monday, August 20, 2012

SMMoA Tour Da Arts and Our Gazelle Bloom

Sunday was the Tour Da Arts with SMMoA and C.I.C.L.E. led a lovely tour around Santa Monica and there was square dancing and Art and Music.






I also got to find out that our Gazelle Bloom fits on the rack of the bus. I thought it would be too long and too tall with the girls' seats on it. Now I know it is ok to venture beyond my assured return strength since can just hop on a bus with the bike if I get too tired to pedal all the way home. Have I mentioned how much I love Gazelle bikes? I love mine. Love it. Also the Yepp seats are really comfy for the girls. Miss S is ready for a trail a bike so she can help pedal so I won't need the bloom much longer. It is a big bike and we don't have extra space here for any more bike than we need. I keep checking the Gazelle to see which bike will be my next. I've got my eye on the Chamonix.



As you can see the Yepp mini with headrest is great for nap time on the bike.


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