Monday, October 8, 2012

Board on Board


Taking a surfboard on you bike is ideal. You always get a parking spot right on the ocean.


  1. Well that’s positively my last comment for now, but it got me thinking - and looking a bit harder at some of those blogs/websites. It's apparent there are different ideas about what constitutes chic: some are quite casual and others, like the Copenhagen original, try harder to find interestingly dressed people - and of course women are far more interested in dressing up than men, on the whole. So I guess that's quite a big factor in the imbalance, just the difficulty of finding men to photograph with those high standards of what is chic. It's a theory anyway.
    I visited Amsterdam in August to see for myself how it all works. The feeling of being able to cycle around without any noticeable element of danger is quite amazing - I spent a few days basically just cycling all day,  around town and out into the countryside. There are of course lots of cyclists everywhere and mostly they do wear ordinary clothes, nothing special on the whole. It's noticeable though that women do tend to dress rather formally though, with that peignoir hairstyle you would never see in the UK or America. Very different from London where cycling is considered dangerous and nearly all cyclists seem to wear hi viz and helmets, even if they are somewhere safe. Cycle chic has a long way to go here. Look at this lot turned out en masse to support the Go Dutch campaign:

  2. Duncan, You are right that there are different ideas of what is chic. Here in the US if you take your average fashion concious person from L.A. and have her trade places with her N.Y.C. counterpart the Angeleno will be more casual than the New Yorker. I mean there are people under 50 who wear pantyhose on a regular basis there. L.A. is bare-legsville. I think that the problem with shooting men is that a well dressed man is often fairly neutral. They usually wear sophisticated neutrals like grey, black, and navy which do not make for instantly interesting photos. The menswear fashions tend to focus on the details, an interesting pocket, a contrast stitch, a great tie, a beautifully folded pocket square, or quirky cufflinks. All of those things are very hard to get in focus on a person riding by on a bike if you can even see them at all. If you look at the Sartorialist fashion blog he tries to put a strong emphasis on menswear as he loves clothes, but he finds more women to photograph by far. There are only so many times I want to look at a photo of a good looking man in a pinstripe suit. A blog full of that would be pretty dull despite how great they all look.

    I am so jealous that you have had the opportunity to ride around Amsterdam. I hope to be able to travel there with my girls soon. The photos are pretty unfortunate fashion-wise. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog.


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